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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

minggu orientasi

sekadar mengingati apa yg blh dibuat pd hari orientasi...

Some additional things you will need to address at your orientation are listed below:

Name Tags: Will your students wear nametags on the first day of school to help you and the staff identify them? If so you will want to have all of your nametags prepared to hand out at Orientation. Make sure your nametags are laminated for durability. Include your name, student’s name, how the student goes home- car, bus, walk, or daycare and bus number if applicable. Of course, always have plenty of extra nametags handy for new additions to your class or for those that lose them. Instruct the parents to put the name tags on their children before they enter the school building for safety reasons.
Information Packets: Prepare one packet for every student on your class list, but make sure to have several extras for late additions to your class and for those students who might move to the area later in the school year. I use the folders with brads from the back to school sales at Office Depot/Max to create my orientation packets. On the inside front pocket I place my “Welcome to Our Class” letter along with my business card. I three hole punch the class handbook (see FAQ’s) and insert it in the middle using the brads. In the inside back pocket I put other important information such as uniform order forms, a note from the nurse, PTA membership information etc. To see a copy of my “Welcome to School” letter please scroll to the bottom of this page in the resources section.
Student Information: One of the most important things to do at an orientation is to gather information from the parents regarding how their child will be going home, are there any food allergies or medical conditions we need to know about etc? Often the office may have gathered some of this information from the parents already, but you will not always have quick access to it on the very first day of school. This way you will have all the info at your fingertips on the very first day. I create a simple form that has the parents names, home, work, and cell phone numbers in case of emergency, food allergies, transportation information and have them fill it out at the orientation. DO NOT let anybody leave without filling out the information form. These forms can be used all year for various purposes so do not throw them away. I three hole punch mine and place them in an “Emergency” folder that we take with us during lockdowns or fire drills and I also leave it with subs when I am absent.

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