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Thursday, April 21, 2011

jom buat paper bag nie..

How to make the frog party favor bag:

You will need:

Craft knife

1. Score all dotted lines with an empty ball-point pen. I am using a 'bone-folder' in this picture which does the same job.
2. Using a craft knife (adults only) cut through the 2 solid lines to make the slots for the eyes.
3. Fold all dotted lines well and firmly, especially the mouth flap, before you start gluing. To glue the bag side, press down with a flat object like a ruler to help securing.
4. Glue the bottom flap and press both sides to secure well. The square flaps fold in first, then the triangle ones with glue on.
5. Pinch the sides firmly as in the picture.
6. Put both frog eyes through the slits.

Topi Birthday
You will need:

Strings or elastic bands

1. Cut and glue the tab as indicated.
2. Roll the paper tighter than you need to make the paper easier to shape.
3. Glue the edge. You may use tape.
4. Hook strings or elastics on to the side tabs, fold and glue inside to secure.
We recommend you to print them on heavy weight papers for durability.

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